The stories we tell

BEYOND THE BORDERS – Ettore Castiglioni’s story

The objective of the research trip accomplished by the writer Marco Albino Ferrari is to resolve the mystery about the tragic death of the famous mountaineer Ettore Castiglioni.
From his hometown Milan to the Alps that Castiglioni loved and where he helped to cross the border who escaped from the war and racial laws, Ferrari follows the steps that took the young alpinist until the night when he tried a desperate escape in the snow.

DIRECTION A. Azzetti, F. Massa
SCREENPLAY A. Azzetti, F. Massa, G. Valentis
PROGRESS Broadcast distribution
Documentary |52/73’ HD | History

THE GREAT WAR ON ASIAGO UPLAND Narrated by Mario Rigoni Stern

The documentary recovers unpublished archive material where the great writer Mario Rigoni Stern tells the events of the First World War which happened in Asiago upland in the north east of Italy. Stern’s look is the historical memory of the battlefields location, but especially of the human incidents that traversed it.
His words impart the large respect for the signs dispersed in the natural environment, that remember a tragic past which we must never forget.

DIRECTION M. Melanco, F. Massa
SCREENPLAY M. Isnenghi, V. Corà
PROGRESS Concluded
Documentary |52’ HD | History

TITIANUS – the true story about the movie

Matteo, an italian director of a local TV, needs to find some interesting elements to pep up an unsuitable screenplay about the venetian painter Tiziano Vecellio.
During his research he develops a passion for the last period of the painter and finally discovers the force to change his life.
The story is narrated using the backstage shots and some interviews realized for the movie promotion

SCREENPLAY T. Brugin, C. Marabini, R. Pizzatti Sertorelli, T. Violi
PROGRESS Rough cut
Mockumentary |70’ HD | Art History


The story of Gemma Verzegnassi (1882-1971), one of the most interesting and prolific italian painter of 20th century. After a difficult existence, in the latter years of her life, she lost her sight, although she was still able and continued to paint.
Retracing her steps, Luigi, a young artist, sets off on a quest to discover art, rediscover the “old masters”, in the process also re-finding himself.

PROGRESS Rough cut
Documentary |52/73’ HD | Art History

I AM THE WORK – Stories of entrepreneurs during the crisis

The documentary tells the human evolution of two entrepreneurs: Loris and Ugo.
Two men who have lived the crisis of their own company as a lost of identity and, beaten by the shame weight and by the guilt for the breakup of their families, have thought about suicide.
After two years Loris and Ugo are still fighting, against banks, against dishonest customers and against themselves.
Because, right or wrong, “I am the work”

DIRECTION F. Massa, R. Pizzatti Sertorelli
SCREENPLAY F. Massa, R. Pizzatti Sertorelli
PROGRESS in development
Documentary |52/70’ HD | Social


In a quiet mountain village, where everything seems peaceful, the village fool is accused of a minor crime. Only the fiancè of the young scion of the family that dominates the valley defends him. The relationship that develops between them brings to light repressed feelings hatred and frustration which threaten the status quo, governed by the unwritten moral code known as “rispet”, exposing the hypocrisies of the small community

SCREENPLAY C. Bozza Wolf, R. Pizzatti Sertorelli
PROGRESS in development
Fiction |80’ HD | Drama

THE CURSE OF ÖTZI, the mummy of Similaun

Two young Canadian men win a scholarship to make a documentary about the prehistoric man’s mummy called Ötzi, found on the Italian-Austrian border in 1991.
Through research, interviews and field investigations, they will discover the existence of a curse linked to the mummy that, in spite of them, will involve them.

SCREENPLAY T. Brugin, R. Pizzatti Sertorelli
PROGRESS in development
Mockumentary | 80’ HD | Horror

I lunedì del Paron

A journalist accidentally find Nereo Rocco’s diaries referred to his years as a trainer of Milan Football Club.
Excited by the discovery, he starts to meet the witnesses of that period, retracting the trainer’s thoughts and sport and private events of which Rocco was the protagonist.
A story about defeats and victories, but especially a reflection on an upright and unaffected way to take on a football and life.

DIRECTION F. Massa, T. Brugin
SCREENPLAY F. Massa, T. Brugin
PROGRESS in development
Docu-Fiction 52’ HD – Sport History